‘We are here for you’: Father, sister hold vigil in memory of missing autistic teen

More than a month since his mother’s disappearance, Matthew James Bondi’s sister is holding a vigil to remember the teenager.

Matthew James, who was just five years old when he disappeared, was last seen at a park in the city of Goulburn.

The family says the community has responded by bringing Matthew home from school every day.

“I don’t know what to do.

I’m still very angry,” Mr Bondi said.

“I’m still angry at the police and I’m angry at my parents.”

Mr Bondis sister was a talented artist and had recently graduated from university.

He said she was a good student and was a bright, outgoing girl.

“She was very outgoing, and was very proud of her arts,” Mr James said.

“We’ve got a lot of support from the community.

I think people have come out to show support for Matthew.”‘

He was a happy kid’: Family says they are still looking for answers Source Google News: Matthew James (AAP) Mr Bondes sister said she believed her brother was being bullied and bullied because of his disability.

“He was really shy and he wasn’t very outgoing,” she said.

“(I think) the bullying started in the last few years.”

Matthew James went missing on July 14.

Police say they have been unable to find the teen since.

The boy was last spotted by a friend at a Goulwood park.

“He wasn’t really around to interact with anybody else, so he didn’t get any help from the police,” Ms Bondi told ABC Radio Hobart.

Her family is still trying to piece together what happened to the boy and where he may have gone.

Matthew James was last in the community in November 2016, when he went missing while playing football with friends.

ABC News reporter Michael Kavanagh contributed to this report.

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