‘I was shocked’: Boy who drowned at Bali honeymoons resort says he was ‘stunned’

A boy who drowned on Bali beach in Bali, north-east India, in the early hours of Friday has said he was shocked when he heard about his death.

A local newspaper reported that the boy, named as Abdul, was among four people who drowned in a pool in the resort’s swimming area when the tide began to recede in late April.

It added that he had been a student at a local secondary school.

Mr Abdul, who had been swimming in the pool with a friend, told The Associated Press he had swam about 20 metres when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his lower back.

He said he immediately thought the tide was coming to his side and that he was about to drown.

The newspaper said he did not realize that he and his friend had already swam out of the pool, but the pool itself was not closed.

I have lost all my friends and it is difficult to cope with it.” “

I went to the hospital and saw him.

I have lost all my friends and it is difficult to cope with it.”

The Associated National News Agency quoted a police officer at the hospital as saying that Abdul was a student of a secondary school at the time of the incident.

The Bali Honeymoon Resort, which is also known as the Bali Marichal, has been popular among the Balinese.

Its reputation has been helped by the popular Bali Bali Beach.

It is located near the Balichur National Park, and is popular among tourists.

Bali is an area in the eastern state of Balochistan in Pakistan that has been hit hard by militant attacks in recent years.

The resort is one of the biggest in Baloch’s coastal region and has a long history.