How to stop the ‘Gali spa’ and get to know Bali

I am trying to find out what is a ‘Gila spa’ in Bali and how to get to it, because I was recently to visit it and I couldn’t help but think that it was a spa, and that was quite funny.

It is a spa. 

It is a small, dark, small building on the edge of the park, surrounded by a green and blue courtyard and a few other shops.

I was a little taken aback at the fact that they didn’t have a sign saying it was just a ‘spot spa’, which was the only way I could describe it. 

They had an outside sign that read ‘GILAS SPASTA’, which means a spot spa.

So I thought that was very interesting. 

And the first thing you see is a little bit of a white wall, and you can see the garden outside, but you cannot see the inside.

And so I thought it was really interesting, and I took a little look inside. 

You can see, obviously, there are a lot of different types of plants and you see a lot in this garden, and there is a lot going on here, but the main thing I noticed is that there are all sorts of different species, and it was quite interesting to see the different plants. 

I have seen it advertised as a ‘gila spot spa’ on the internet, but I couldn´t quite get the meaning of it, and so I went down to the garden to see what it was, and then I went back up and got a closer look and saw that the plantings were all quite simple, with very little vegetation in them. 

What I found was that the plants were very young, so there wasn´t much going on. 

But it looked like it had been there for a long time. 

In the summer it is really hot and it is quite cold. 

The plants that you see here were all in really good condition, and they were really young.

They looked really healthy and healthy looking, and had not aged a day in their life, but there were a few signs that they were dying. 

A few of them were really old. 

So there is no sign of disease and there were no signs of infection. 

 They were in really nice condition. 

How do I get to Bali?

I went to the park in the evening, and the first time I went I had a long walk, and at about 1am I had walked around the whole park. 

There were a lot more people than before, and when I walked around it was not crowded, and we had a few of the people I met on the walk, but that was about it.

They had been on their own for about 20 minutes, and as they came around the corner, they stopped to talk to each other. 

On the way back I stopped at a place called Gila’s Spa and I saw a sign for the ‘Spirits’ Spa.

I thought, ‘Oh, I will just go there’. 

But the next morning I got a call from the lady at the Spirits Spa saying that they needed to talk about a guest. 

‘I can tell you that you will have to go to Balis, but not here,’ she said. 

“I am very sorry, I am a little overwhelmed at the whole idea of you coming in here.’ 

I went to Balas Spa, and just as I was about to walk in, there was this little group of women, and one of them said, ‘I just wanted to say that we love you, and will support you, but we don´t have a place to stay here. 

 So I went and asked for the guest number, and all of a sudden, she says, ‘It´s okay, I´ll come and meet you. “

And so I said, okay, but this is what I am thinking, and she said, that is fine, but if you want to stay in Balis then you will need to call me, and ask me to bring you to a hotel, and if we can’t come to a place then you can stay here.’

 So I went and asked for the guest number, and all of a sudden, she says, ‘It´s okay, I´ll come and meet you. 

She said that I can stay at the hotel.’

So that was a bit of an awkward experience. 

Once I got there, I found out that there were only about 30 people at the Hotel, so I was really sad, because the hotel was very nice, and everything was nice, so it was great. 

After I got to Balhas, I met a lot people there.

There was a couple of older women and a young girl, and a man who was a farmer and he had his son there. 

He had his kids with him and they came over and helped him with the garden. 

All the staff were very nice. 

When I saw them, they were very happy

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