What’s on the golf course for India’s men

Bali hain golf, bali underpads, balis on a golf course and even bali blind, are some of the things that the players in the India squad are working on during their time at the International Club, a special training facility set up at the Parramatta Oval.

The squad is in a unique position to work out how to take on the challenge of playing in the Olympics and the Olympics is very different to the World Golf Championships, where they play in the tournament.

India are already in contention for a spot at the Olympics with a good performance in their opening four games.

They are aiming to do the same in Rio and are likely to finish the Olympics in a top eight spot, while the rest of the world is chasing a top four finish.

The training session in the Parlimatta Oval is organised by a group of international golfers who are part of the Para Golf Foundation (PGF), a charitable foundation set up to encourage and support golfers and golfers around the world.PGF’s president, Kunal Patel, has been working on golfers’ issues in India since 2008 and says that the training is one of the first that he has seen the country do with a golf club.

“This is really an initiative to help the Indian golf community in terms of developing the game and understanding what it means to be a professional golfer,” he told ESPNcricinfo.

“There are different challenges that we face in the game that the world does not understand.

The Indian golfers are really looking at the same things that other sports have to do in terms for the development of the game.

They see it as a sport that has to be played in the country and they understand that the game is growing in the state of India.”

In the end, they want to see that it is developed into a professional sport and to play at a level where they can compete at the highest level.

“The training is being organised with help from the Paragould Foundation, which is a private golf academy that has been helping golfers with their issues.

The PGF is trying to provide a different training for them and this is part of that,” he said. “

This is a very special thing for the golfers.

The PGF is trying to provide a different training for them and this is part of that,” he said.

“PGF has been involved in providing coaching to Indian players for some time and it is a partnership between us and the foundation.”

The golfers at the training session will also be helping the other golfers in the club, who are currently working out what to do when they face their first round of matches.

The PGF has a golf programme that is very popular in the Indian city of Bangalore.

It is run by the local golf association and the club is known for its friendly atmosphere and friendly environment.

It has been operating since 2004 and has around 600 members.

The club’s president Rajesh Kumar says that, despite the difficulties of working out how the Indian team should perform in the upcoming games, the group is not planning to give up on their aim to provide the best training possible for the Indian athletes.

“We want to work with all the members of the team.

This is an opportunity to provide coaching to all the players.

We are working with the members who have been through this and we are trying to ensure that all the participants come together to improve their game,” he added.