Which village in Bali province in South Bengal’s Bali State is home to a dragon house?

Bali, South Bengal: According to villagers, a dragon’s house is situated in a village called Bali village, situated in the Red Vein Bali district in South Calcutta.

“I visited the house a few days ago and found it to be a very beautiful house,” said a villager who wished to remain anonymous.

“The dragon house is in the village and I had gone there for a visit in December last year and found that it was very old.

It has a big roof and was covered with old clothes,” he added.”

We have seen many dragon houses in our area in the past.

This is the first one in Balis district.

The people in the area said they came to the village because they wanted to get married soon.

It is a beautiful house.

The dragons are used as pets in the region.

I have no idea who owns this house,” the villager said.

“When I visited the place, it was completely deserted.

The dragon house was not inhabited.

It was not a real house.

It could have been a villa or a shed,” he said.

The villagers have no knowledge about the origin of the dragon house and the villagers are in no doubt about the dragons presence in the house.

“People in the community believe that it belongs to the same person as the other dragon house in the same village.

We are not sure who owned the house,” he claimed.

“It is not possible to find out who owns the house, but we believe that the dragon was a member of a royal family.

We do not know how old it is,” the villagers claimed.

The village is a popular tourist destination for locals.

Residents said they have seen several tourists in the neighbourhood.

They said the dragon’s presence in Bali Village is not uncommon and that the dragons were kept in a shed.

“We have heard rumours that people come to the neighbourhood from all over the world to visit the dragon.

The villagers say that people are staying here to buy souvenirs of the houses,” the village elder added.