How to be more attractive to your Tinder date

A new study has shown that men are attracted to attractive women on Tinder even when they are unemployed and even if they are single.

According to the research, women are attracted when they can relate to the man’s personality, have a good job and be interested in her hobbies.

The study was carried out by ASEAN University’s Centre for Gender Equity in Indonesia, a research institute that aims to promote gender equity and gender equality in the Indonesian society.

The team surveyed 1,000 men and women from the Aceh province, a region in the south-east of the country, on Tinder.

They asked them to rate the attractiveness of each Tinder match based on four criteria: the number of photos and videos they have uploaded to the app, the man and woman’s personality and the amount of time they have spent on the app.

In the end, the researchers found that women were more likely to be attracted to men who are unemployed, live in a poor area and have a low income.

In addition, women who were single were more attracted to the unemployed man and women who lived in rural areas were more drawn to the single woman.

The authors also noted that the average age of the men and the women was about 29 years old.

The results are likely to have major implications for the future of dating in Indonesia and other countries where dating apps are available.

In Indonesia, dating apps have become more popular since Tinder was launched in 2016.

According to the study, more than 2 million Indonesians have used Tinder to date.

In Indonesia, the country’s population is mostly young and poor.

Dating apps can be a great way to meet new people and increase social capital in a society where people can be easily misled by false rumours.