Dubai airport will reopen for flights to the Maldives after security concerns over terrorist threat

Dubai Airport will reopen its gates and passenger and cargo arrivals will resume as a precaution after the Maldivian authorities said they had taken measures to stop terrorist activity from the island nation.

Airport Director General Abdul Karim bin Jassim said Dubai authorities had already made contingency plans to evacuate passengers and cargo to the country and that the airport would resume operations once the security situation in the Maldive had calmed down.

He said the airport was still closed for a day after the authorities in the southern Maldives evacuated people to the airport on Wednesday, but that Dubai Airport would reopen on Thursday morning.

A spokesperson for the Malda police department said they have not been informed about the measures taken by Dubai airport.

He said they would be implemented in a limited amount of time.

He added that the authorities were monitoring the situation closely and that no flights were affected.

He added that they were monitoring Dubai Airport’s website and Twitter account for updates.

A video on YouTube showing the airport being evacuated on Wednesday evening showed a number of people being escorted out of the airport by a police vehicle.

The Maldivians, who are mostly Muslims, were among the first to be evacuated from Dubai airport on Tuesday night.

The airport’s terminal is surrounded by security barriers and security personnel are in full riot gear.

A large police presence can be seen patrolling the area.

The island nation, which is under the jurisdiction of a United Nations mandate, has been on high alert since the deadly bombing in Dubai in 2015.