Kohls offers $3,500 gold-backed bracelets for Bali necklace, dancer

Kohls, the popular jewelry chain with a huge global reach, has announced a special offer for its gold- and platinum-backed bracelet designs.

The company is offering the bracelets at a discounted price for the first time ever: $3.50 for the platinum version and $3 for the gold version.

Kohls says it’s offering the price in response to feedback from customers, as well as its commitment to supporting a growing industry of producers who are turning to the gold standard.

“Our commitment to promoting the gold and platinum standard has evolved over the years, and we’ve been very clear about our intentions to continue doing so,” Kohls said in a statement.

“This is our first time to offer an offer of this nature, and it’s also the first of its kind for Kohls to include the price for both platinum and gold.”

The Kohls bracelets, which will be available starting Monday, are designed to enhance the wearer’s physical and mental well-being.

The platinum version is available for $75, while the gold-colored versions will be $80 and $90.

The gold version will also be available for as little as $60, while platinum-colored version will be sold for $80.

The bracelets are also available for purchase online and at Kohls retail locations.

Kohl’s also announced that it is introducing a new series of “bali bracelets” featuring the brand’s signature logo, including a new “gold” version and a “platinum” version, which is available in a variety of colors.

It’s unclear if these new designs will be offered at other retailers, but the new “balis” and “golds” versions will likely be the only ones that are sold at Kohls stores.