Bali tickets at $4,000 per head? | NHL News

Bali is coming back to Winnipeg.

According to a new report, ticket prices are starting to skyrocket.

The report from the city’s official website says that tickets to the Bali Cinema are now starting at $3,300 per head.

A Bali ticket is $1,400, a Bali window is $800 and a private villa is $750.

Ticket prices for Bali are higher in the suburbs than the city, but it doesn’t appear as high as some of the other entertainment options in the city.

The Bali Cinemas are open Monday to Friday.

They are located at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and St. John Street, just east of Eau Claire Avenue.

The mall is located in the centre of the city with lots of shopping and restaurants.

There is a Balibazar supermarket and a small cafe located in a shopping centre on the corner of Ebel Road and Main Street.

The city is also home to Balibaraa restaurant.