Bangladesh police arrest two people in Bali connection

Two people were arrested in Balis capital Bala this morning in connection with a deadly shooting.

Police said that an incident took place at a public market in the city of Bala in the late evening, and that one of the people was a suspect in the murder of a man who had gone missing from the area in February.

A man was killed in the shooting, while a woman was wounded, police said.

Police said that the man was in his late 20s.

Authorities said that after the killing, the suspect fled to the nearby Baghpat area where he was later apprehended.

The suspect was identified as Abdul Khaliq Bali, 32.

Police did not release his identity, but he is believed to be a resident of Baghpats, where he grew up.

Police later identified the two men as the victims’ son and a man they had met while investigating a previous case.

The victim’s body was found in the Bagh Pat area, which is in the northeastern district of Bali.