What is the Philippines? – Yokogeeta Bali

Bali is the term for Indonesian women who wear long, black, low-cut dresses, and are called “glamorous” in Indonesia.

In the Philippines, Balis wear the more conservative style, which is known as “ladyboy” in the Philippines.

The Filipino term for the style is balig.

Bali women are often called “papas”, which is the Indonesian word for maid.

The term “danglak” means a “motherfucker”, a reference to the “mothers of all prostitutes” that are usually found in the US.

They work in brothels, escort brothelks, and even at brothelles where the customers can be women who are paying for sex.

Bali also has a distinct culture.

They wear “pandas”, short, dark, black skirts that they wrap around their hips.

They also wear masks that cover their faces.

They often have a long black coat, which also hides their face.

They don’t wear jewelry, but they do have “lanyards”, which are rings or pendants.

Balis have a history of violence against women, including child abuse and forced marriages.

Balis are considered to be “pimping” and are often subjected to forced prostitution, especially for sex with young girls.

In 2010, the Philippines reported the highest number of cases of rape against women.