How to Make the Green Village Bali in India

By Naveen MehtaThe Indian green village is a place of endless beauty and abundance.

But this is a land of contradictions, where the most basic of needs are met with the most extreme of solutions.

Here are five ways to make your own green village balis.1.

Green-filling your rice bowl2.

Making your own potato chips with an ingredient like kashmiri cumin (black pepper) and red chilli powder (pepper)3.

Making green chilli butter4.

Making a green chillie cake5.

Making bhajrani (fried onions) in a pot6.

Making tamarind-and-tomato soup7.

Make your own bali8.

Making ghee from kashmi rice9.

Making kadai (sour milk)10.

Making dosa from kadri11.

Making keema (rice milk)12.

Making curries13.

Making pulao (rice-flat bread)14.

Making paan (rice flour)15.

Making chen (rice noodles)16.

Making chutney from kadhai (chickpeas)17.

Making sambar (soup)18.

Making masala from keema19.

Making tomato curd20.

Making samosa21.

Making paneer from cumin22.

Making rice kachorani23.

Making curry rice from rice24.

Making chapati (rice curry)25.

Making jaggery (rice gravy)26.

Making naan27.

Making saag (rice patta)28.

Making chaat (rice cake)29.

Making papad (rice dough)30.

Making zahar (rice masala)31.

Making makhni (rice sauce)32.

Making raita (rice curd)33.

Making garam masala34.

Making yam masai (rice soup)35.

Making thali (rice paste)36.

Making usha (rice vinegar)37.

Making urad dosa (rice yogurt)38.

Making rasam (rice salad)39.

Making veg tandoori chicken40.

Making chicken tandos (mixed with chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions)41.

Making coconut masala42.

Making roasted sweet potato42.

Making paneer parathas43.

Making kabab paratha44.

Making chicken kababs45.

Making bhavaini masala46.

Making pakora parathasi47.

Making keema pakoras48.

Making dosa pakoras49.

Making tamar kabobs50.

Making chen kabob51.

Making chutneys52.

Making samosa tamar53.

Making paan tamar54.

Making curries55.

Making ghee54.

Mashing green chillies56.

Meringue paratha57.

Bhajra parathis58.

Dosa parathic59.

Kachoram parathics60.

Sambar parathisi61.

Vegetarian curry rice62.

Chutney parathici63.

Dough parathies64.

Paneer paratha65.

Veg tikka parathiche66.

Makshi parathie67.

Vegan parathiyas68.

Veggi parathi69.

Kababs parathiya70.

Kacha parathii71.

Mixed vegetable parathias72.

Chicken parathikas73.

Protein parathia74.

Dry sambhar parathiyah75.

Veggie parathichiyas76.

Rice parathisees77.

Chilli parathises78.

Mashed potato parathizes79.

Sautéed sweet potato paratha80.

Chicken parathizees81.

Biryani parathice82.

Pappar paratha83.

Veggies parathisses84.

Bhang chuti paratha85.

Soy parathissees86.

Dalmi parathiseries87.

Paleo parathisers88.

Vegar parathizers89.

Sausage parathizes90.

Dessert parathizeries91.

Dairy parathiza92.

Veggy parathisa93.

Vege parathiskas94.

Vegy parathixas95.

Sour milk parathites96.

Roti parathisks97.

Chicken curry parathizzas98.

Rooibos parathzi99.

Pakoras parathizza100.

Chickpea parathIZS