New Delhi, Mumbai: India’s green village Bali set to hit the streets soon

Bali, a sprawling green village in southern Delhi, is set to be set up soon, after a project that has been in the works for years was finally approved by the state government.

“We’re very excited,” said Arvind Sharma, head of development and finance at the Green Village Development Corporation, a non-profit organisation that has a partnership with the state.

He added that it will cost around Rs 1.2 billion ($2.5 billion) and that it would be the largest urban green village ever in the country.

The project will be financed by a project called the Rs 1,000,000 City Green Mission (RGGM), which will aim to generate an additional 50 million litres of green water every day from the city’s sewage treatment plants, Sharma said.

The RGGM was initially approved in 2013.

The green village will have 12 ponds that will hold more than 20,000 people, including farmers, while it will have parks and gardens and will also be connected to the national highway and rail networks, Sharma added.

The Rs 1 million target will be met through the construction of new infrastructure, he said.

As part of the project, the state will also provide electricity and water to the village for a minimum of 15 days a year, Sharma told Reuters.

The village will also have a water treatment plant, a sewage treatment plant and a large storage facility that will house 1.5 million litres per day of fresh water, Sharma claimed.

The state government, which is also running the development, had initially rejected the RGGMs proposal in December, citing environmental concerns, but decided to accept it as the government has the expertise and money to take on the project.

The RGGMC will now work on the details of how the green village project will work and how to build it, Sharma was quoted as saying.

The village is set for construction in September, and the project will begin in 2021.