Bali kampung: Police say woman found dead in bali forest

A woman has died in a bali in southern Indonesia after she was found dead by a passerby in the forest, police said on Monday.

The body was found in the Bali Kampung district on the island of Bali on Monday afternoon, said police spokesman Datuk Asli Noman.

The man who found the body told police he had been camping on a small hill when he spotted the woman and called police, the police statement said.

“She was found lying on a rocky hillside by a passing passerby and when the passerby noticed the woman’s condition she called the police and gave a statement,” the statement said, adding the woman had been a student at the university.

Police said the woman was in her 30s and a graduate of a private college.

Police are searching for a man who they say was involved in the death.

Police would not confirm if the man had been detained.

The district police chief told reporters the body had been brought to the district hospital for further investigation.