5 things you need to know about India’s largest bank, ICICI Bank

An Indian bank is reportedly planning to launch a digital wallet app in India to help customers make withdrawals without a bank account, the Financial Times reports.ICICI’s website says that the bank will launch a new “wallet app” to help people make payments from their smartphone.

The bank will “help you make payments at home, online and in person,” the website said.ICM said the app will allow customers to make purchases from “all your favourite shopping sites” and use “a virtual wallet to manage your cash and credit cards, debit cards, bank account details and more.”

The bank said it plans to launch the app in August.

The announcement comes after a report from The Financial Times last week said the bank has been looking into how to help more people make their payments.

The report said the plan would help the bank boost its business by providing an easier way to pay.

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