Hanes bras have become the hottest new fashion trend

Hanes is launching its new bras with a bold new look and feel.

The new collection is set to launch in mid-February.

The first batch of Hanes Bali Bras are available now at the online retailer for $149.95 USD.

The collection includes the popular Bali Bra, Bali Balis and Bali Busts, which feature a unique patterned fabric.

Hanes also introduced a new bra for women with curvier breasts, the Bali Sleeve Bra, which features a lace front with the name of the wearer engraved on the back.

The new collection includes a variety of designs, including the Hanes Bra for Women, the Hane Bra, the Dolly Bra, and the HANE BUSTS, which are designed to be used for both sports and everyday activities.

The Bali BUSTs, for example, can be worn in casual or formal settings.

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