Which are the top ten most popular languages in Australia?

The top ten languages used in Australia are as follows: English (42.3 per cent), French (13.5 per cent) Spanish (11.4 per cent).

There are no Asian languages, French being the only one.

The largest percentage of people in Australia speak Chinese, with Chinese speakers making up 10.3 of the population.

The languages of New Zealand, Australia’s largest island, are used by just over a third of the people in the country.

The Top Ten Languages in Australia English Chinese French (11 per cent)* Spanish (9.5)* Japanese (8.3)* Arabic (8 per cent*) English (6.7) Chinese (6 per cent* Spanish (5.4)* Arabic (5 per per cent)(2.9 per cent)[Source: ABC News, Australian Institute of Languages]

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