The Bali Fire Pit Is Here Now!

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Trump vows to protect U.N. funding: ‘We’re not going to let it be stolen’ Now 2.

New video shows Trump at a rally: ‘I like the black people!’

Now 3.

Trump says he won’t ‘give in’ to ‘white supremacists’: ‘You’re welcome to be in the country’ Now 4.

‘Trump is going to be the president of the United States’: ‘This is not my first time’ now 5.

‘He’s the most racist president in the history of the world’ Now 6.

The Trump-Russia dossier has ‘some serious problems’: ‘The fact that it’s so explosive and so explosive makes me feel very uncomfortable’ Now 7.

Trump’s ‘secret service’ may be headed to Florida: ‘That’s where we’re going to find him’ Now 8.

‘We’ll never have peace’: Trump says U.K. is ‘at war with itself’ Now 9.

Trump blasts Mueller probe, says Mueller ‘will get what he deserves’ Now 10.

The president says he’ll appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Russia: ‘You can call him a good prosecutor or a bad one, you can call them whatever you want’ Now