Bali residents worried about growing unrest after eviction

A bali resident is worried about the possibility of violence following the eviction of her neighbours from her home in Bali.

Ms Naveen was one of more than 100 residents of her apartment block in Balivara who were evicted from their homes in December.

The eviction followed a complaint lodged against her by the Bali Neighbourhood Council on December 22, and the council has been negotiating with the Balis about compensation.

Ms Nyasuraman said it would be up to the Balians to settle the matter.

“There are many issues, especially in the area of social and economic rights, which are not addressed in the agreement,” she said.

“We will keep fighting.”

Ms Nyad, who is now living in a private accommodation, said she had been forced to move out of her flat after the eviction notice was served.

“It’s very hard to go back to my flat,” she told the ABC.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go out again.

My kids are now very frightened and scared.”

Ms Nadeen said she did not know how the eviction was handled.

“The neighbours are not getting the benefit of the deal,” she added.

“They were told to leave but they were never told how to leave.”

Ms Bertha Nadeena, the spokesperson for the Balia Residents Association, said the eviction process was a difficult one.

“This has been a very challenging process for the residents of Bali, and there has been no progress in negotiations with the council to date,” she wrote in a statement to the ABC on Thursday.

“At the end of the day, Bali is a community of immigrants, so there is no way for us to get the funds that we need to make this community more affordable.”

Bali residents have not received compensation from the council for the eviction.