How to get a bali vertically blinds in NYC

New Yorkers can now buy bali with vertical blind spots on the floor.

It’s a move that was first announced on April 25, and now the NYCLU is announcing the change in an email to customers.

The Bali vertical-blinds feature is designed to make the floor less visible for customers who are blind, blind, or visually impaired, according to a press release.

Bali verticals were originally installed on floor mats in New York City to make it more accessible for people with vision issues, but the company now wants to add the feature to other floors of its stores.

“Bali has always been designed to be a comfortable and accessible way to purchase our products, but we are now adding the feature on floors that are more accessible,” Bali’s CEO, Steve Graziano, said in the release.

“We have partnered with NYC City Council to develop an incentive program to encourage people to purchase a Bali floor in a blind-friendly way.

Our vision is to have vertical blind spaces on floors throughout the store.”

The Balis will also be available in more stores, including Macy’s, Forever 21, J.

Crew, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom, according the release, which also notes that Bali will be joining the Alliance for Better Accessibility and ADA-compliant flooring.

The NYCLV says that in the next few months, it plans to offer a free vertical blind spot-adjusting product to all of its retail stores, with more to come.

The New York State Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which oversees retail, housing, and the development of the city, says that Balis are “not currently available for use on residential properties.”

Bali’s vertical blind-blinding features are now available for purchase in New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

The company is still waiting on New York to officially announce its vertical blind product.