Bali, Cellular Shifts to New Colors and Patterns in New Design News

A bali (blue or blue-green) brand says it has added colors and patterns to its products and is shifting to a new look.

The Bali company, based in the southern city of Mombasa, said in a statement that it’s bringing back a lot of the old colors and has changed the look of the products to reflect its new approach.

The company, which also sells other brands like Cinnabon, has about 700 stores in Kenya.

Bali Cellular Shifted to New Design Colors and Pattern in New Look, Bali SaysA statement posted by Bali Cellular on Instagram says that the company is introducing a new design for its balis.

The company said that the new designs will help make the product even more attractive.

Balis can be found in a wide range of stores, including online, in shops and in markets, and some customers have said that they prefer the new look and feel.

Baliste says that its products are safe and are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Balista is a small brand that has been based in Mombassa since 1998.

The brand’s founder, Nwombi, was a former employee of the government.

He says that Balista’s products are made to look good, but the brand is still trying to evolve its brand and take on new concepts.

Balistan is a brand that sells balis in its stores and online.

Balistan’s CEO, Paul Zwabe, told The Associated Press that the brand’s focus is on innovation and bringing new concepts to the market.

Balisi, which is based in a small town in the northeastern state of Nairobi, said that its new designs are being developed as part of its commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The brand’s brand ambassadors are not making the same mistake that many other retailers made in the past.

Many retailers have tried to add new color combinations and patterns by simply re-purposing old designs.

The Bali brand has tried to reinvent itself in the years since it was founded in 1997.

Its first new design in four years was a blue-purple bali called Bali Green.