How to get married in Bali island

Bali Island in the Maldives is home to more than 100 religions, and a vast array of wedding ceremonies that have taken place in its waters since the late 1960s.

Many of the wedding ceremonies took place on a sand beach, but one day last year, a wedding was staged in the sea.

The ceremony was held at the Bali Village, which is home of the Balis and their Baliswah, a traditional village for the Balinese people.

The bride, an American woman named Lani, had arrived in the Balili village in her bikini and had brought along her friend, the groom, and her children.

Lani told ESPN Crikey that she had planned to be in the village all weekend, and would be at the wedding party at midnight on Sunday, December 12.

But the groom didn’t show up, and when Lani got to the beach to take her pictures, she was confronted by her husband, who was wearing a suit.

He then took off his shirt and threatened her with a knife.

Laini explained that the Balifas believed that the knife would kill the groom.

“They said that I had to be killed to protect the Baligas.

I was a Baliga,” she said.

“But he didn’t care, and went away.

I thought, ‘He’s not going to kill me.

He’s not really interested in me.

If he was interested, he’d kill me’.” Lani said she had taken her children with her, but that her husband had taken off his shoes and gloves to get into the sea, and left them with her.

“I got scared, and my kids followed him,” Lani recalled.

“He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the water.

When he saw that I was pregnant, he threw me out into the water and he was trying to drown me.

I tried to get back into the boat, but he pushed me back in the water, so I got into the other boat, and we were all together in the boat and I’m pregnant.”

Lani and her husband then went to a mosque, where the two women were told that the groom would be killed if he didn´t come.

“When they were in the mosque, they were very angry.

They were very, very angry,” Lainis said.

Lian and Lani had not been to the mosque on their wedding day, but the bride and groom were planning to attend the wedding.

Laina and her friend left to take photos and then returned to their hotel room.

Lili then said she heard her husband talking to her husband.

“Lani said, ‘If he didn`t come, I would have to kill him.’

And my heart started to break.

She said, `I’m pregnant, and I want to kill my husband’.

And I said,`Oh my god, I can’t do that.’

So she started crying and started screaming.

She got up and started crying hysterically.

I said to her, ‘You have to stay away from your husband, or I will kill you.'”

The couple then went back to the village to try to arrange a wedding for the wedding ceremony.

But Lani was worried that her marriage might be annulled if the groom was killed.

“She started crying, saying, `What am I doing?

You have to marry me, and you can’t divorce me,'” Lani remembered.

Loni, Lani’s mother, was in the room and the couple decided to take a bus to the Balil Village, where they planned to meet the groom for the marriage ceremony.

The groom, who had left his shoes in the bus, went with them.

Lai, who is also a Bali, got off the bus and walked to the wedding site.

Lina said that Lani screamed at the bride, telling her that she would be pregnant if she did not marry her.

Lri told ESPNcricinfo that Lainys marriage was annulling because she and Lili were pregnant, but she said that she never said anything to her about it.

Lari said that they never discussed the issue of whether or not they would have children, and that she was not aware that she and her pregnant wife were the subject of a police investigation.

“We didn’t know about the police investigation because she never mentioned anything about it,” Lili said.

The couple went back home, but Lani found out later that the police were investigating the couple for child abuse.

The police have not released any information on the investigation, and the investigation is ongoing.

LANI said that at first, she thought she was the victim of an act of terrorism, but after reading an article in the local newspaper, she realized that the incident was not her fault.

Laidlaw, the principal of the local mosque, told ESPNCricinfo: “I don’t think this is a case