How to talk to a female friend who is pregnant

By BERNARD A. CLARKE and ROBERT M. BODENHEIMEN The Hill – A woman who is having an abortion is using a quote from an anti-abortion advocate to bolster her argument that a pregnancy is an abortion, according to a new report.

The Hill reported Thursday that the woman, who did not want to be identified, said she had a conversation with an abortion provider during a visit to the clinic in New York City last year.

The woman, a mother of two who had just given birth, told the provider that she had made an appointment for an abortion after the woman became pregnant and asked to speak to a woman who was pregnant with twins, according the report.

A source familiar with the woman’s story told The Hill that she said the provider asked her what her plan was, before asking if she would be able to discuss it with her husband.

The source said the woman declined to talk with her boyfriend about the procedure.

A second source familiar and who asked not to be named told The Daily Beast that the abortion provider told the woman that the fetus would survive the procedure and that the unborn child would not be born with Down syndrome.

The abortion provider said the fetus did not survive, the source told The New York Times.

“That was not an answer I could take,” the source said of the abortionist.

The other source said that the provider then told the pregnant woman that if she did not get an abortion she would “be stuck with the baby.”

The second source also told The Times that the conversation was “highly inappropriate” and the woman felt “embarrassed.”

“She was clearly very uncomfortable with the question and was embarrassed and ashamed,” the second source said.

“She said she would rather just end up having to pay for the procedure than have the baby aborted,” the woman told The Associated Press.

The woman told the AP that she was unsure if the abortion was legal in her state.

She said the procedure could have been illegal because the fetus was not viable.

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