What is Bali? What is a Bali song? Bali’s song about the death of Bali is a song about his life

In his Bali Song, the late singer-songwriter, songwriter and producer Bali Sundar Bali, describes how he was forced to give up his life as a musician, to take up a life as an actor, dancer and composer.

“The song was about my family.

It was about the pain and suffering I had to go through to achieve the success I did.

It also mentioned that I was forced by circumstances to give away my life to become an actor,” he told a media event in Jakarta.

The song is called Bali Real Estate (Balisang, or the estate) and it’s about Bali in the context of his life in Indonesia.

When he first recorded it in 1988, Bali was only 30 years old.

“It’s my biggest hit.

I was born to a family of singers, so it’s my life,” he said.

“It was my only dream, and that’s why I chose to tell my story.”

Bali said he felt very lucky to have achieved what he had and that he is grateful for the support he received from the public.

“I had the support of many people and it was all because of my song.

I had so many fans, but it was the support I received from those fans that kept me going.

I would not have done this if I had not had the love and support of my fans.”

As the song’s title suggests, the singer-producer has a special connection with the island of Balisang.

“For me, Balisindia is a very special place, it is a place I would like to live forever.

It’s like a dream come true,” he says.

Balisindian artistes perform the song on their Facebook page and in a song titled Bali Sing (Balim Sing) on Youtube.

Bali has been a popular destination for Balis, and the Balisengan family has become a popular one as well.

As Balis sang, the Bali family took their own lives on the island.

In the song, Balim sings of his family’s life of hardship and loss.

“My parents, father, brothers and sisters all died of natural causes,” he sings.

“They are not just my parents, but they are my brothers and my sisters too.”

The singer-singer says that his family has suffered enough, but the song reminds him of the joy he has in his life.

‘I am not the only one’ Bali sings in the song.

“There are millions of people like me, who have lost their families and loved ones in the last 30 years,” he tells the audience.

After Bali sang the song in 1989, he says the Balikbali family’s name had been mentioned in the national media, and he felt like a national celebrity.

Then in 1992, the family was hit with a tsunami that devastated their home.

With the help of a tsunami-prepared house, Balic’s family was able to rebuild their home and they have lived there ever since.

His family has always been blessed with Bali.

“As I sing, I’m not the first one to sing, and I hope that I will never be the last.

I’m grateful for that.

If it weren’t for Bali the world would be a different place,” he added.

What is Balisungan?

Balisengans is an island of Indonesia, where Balis is a popular name, which means “beautiful islands”.

It is situated on the southern island of Bali, near the country’s main city of Banda Aceh.

It is also home to the Balijat Islands, a chain of islands, called Balisunan.

The Balisongan islands are one of the world’s most famous islands.

It is the largest inhabited island in Indonesia, and one of its most popular destinations.

It is considered Indonesia’s second-biggest island, after Sumatra, by a wide margin.

Balisisungans is a favourite holiday destination for holidaymakers from around the world. More: