What to expect from the Brisbane QRL Finals on Thursday

Queensland’s road to balis, the state’s premier sporting venue, is in the hands of a select group of football fans.

The Brisbane QL Finals, hosted by the Brisbane Roar, will see Queensland State of Origin and NRL star Wayne Bennett and Melbourne Victory star Sam Kerridge take to the stage to face off in a battle for the premiership.

In a bid to attract more fans to the premier sporting event, the Queensland Government has made the QRL the only place where fans can enjoy a live-streamed Premier’s Cup match.

But while there are plans to expand the venue, there are also significant concerns about the venue’s quality and safety.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said on Thursday he was determined to see the QL finals go ahead despite the uncertainty surrounding the state.

The QRL, he said, would be an excellent place for fans to enjoy live sporting events, but it had to be safe and secure.

“I know there’s a lot of questions out there about how safe the facility is, but there’s also a lot more questions than answers,” Mr Newman said.

“This is a great place to have the QRL finals because it’s the only Premier’s cup in the state, but we’re still in a bit of a period of uncertainty.”

Queenslanders will get to see all three of the QLR Finals on the same day, with the Premier’s Ball at 9:00pm (AEST) and the QSL Grand Final at 10:00am (AEDT).

The QLR Grand Final will be streamed live by BT Sport on Thursday and Friday.

In Queensland, the QRPFL, the regional junior football league, has also confirmed it will also broadcast the QLLF finals live.

Queldergirls are expected to be able to attend all three matches via live online streaming.

Mr Newman said the Government would look to attract additional fans, but also to ensure the quality of the venue was maintained.

“We have a number of projects underway to do with the safety of the facilities that will see a lot different people coming into the venues,” he said.

The Premier’s ball, for example, is set to go up at 10am on Thursday, and the grand final will be live streamed at 11:00.

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