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  • The Bali Fire Pit Is Here Now!

    Now Playing: This is how to make your own homemade ice cream Now Playing- The ultimate Disney vacation: Get a fire pit for the beach Now Playing – ‘Halo 4’ director says Halo 4 ‘will be one of the greatest games of all time’ Now Playing!‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ will be ‘one of the […]

  • How to make a bathtub for your home, with help from this Bali hotel

    We’ve all been there.The tub needs a little more water, or you have to refill the tub.But it’s easy to do it in a way that’s comfortable.Here’s how to make your own tub that’s great for you and your family.1.Choose the right tub.We’re all familiar with the tub you have in your bathroom, or maybe […]

  • When an earthquake strikes: Nusa Dua Bali

    In a land of earthquakes, Nusa Bali is not a natural place.It’s the capital of the Bali province, and its residents are just as likely to live in shantytowns as on the streets of the city center.And in spite of the lack of modern conveniences, Bali residents are still the happiest people in the country.Nusa, […]

  • How to beat bulgarian beach catamans: the ‘right’ way

    Bulgaria has one of the most challenging beaches in the world.It’s a perfect storm of weather, waves, sea level, sand and salt.The best thing about it is that the sand is super-duper slippery and there’s no way to get to it in the dark.It was also one of Bulgaria’s biggest tourist attractions before the collapse […]

  • What you need to know about the Geeta Bali Visa

    In early January, a judge in Georgia approved a two-year visa for Geeta Bali, an American journalist who has been a correspondent for Al Jazeera English since 2010.The visa was approved on the condition that she meet several conditions: She must not work for Al-Jazeera or other news organizations.She must be able to travel to […]

  • How to Choose a Best-Selling Bali (Romeo & Juliet) Style

    This is the first in a three-part series on choosing the best-selling Bali in Rome.Read Part 1 and Part 2.Bali are the most popular brand in Rome, which makes them perfect for a stylish look.You can get a stylish Bali by dressing in classic red and white roman clothes, or you can choose to wear […]

  • How to make ‘love’ with an Indian man who is the son of an immigrant

    How to love a man from an immigrant-origin family.The husband of a British-born couple is a foreigner and he has been living in India since he was a child.He is the daughter of an English mother and Indian father, and his wife of 20 years has lived in the country since she was a girl.She […]

  • Obama administration says it will stop funding Planned Parenthood

    The Obama administration has said it will not fund Planned Parenthood after a congressional investigation found that the abortion provider received federal funding from 2009 to 2013.The statement comes as the administration faces pressure to address an undercover video showing the organization’s fetal tissue harvesting program.The Center for Medical Progress released the undercover video last […]

  • How to rent a bali in Dubai

    A bali rental in Dubai is about as straightforward as walking into a Starbucks or eating at an American diner.You walk into the shop, swipe your card and the operator walks you through a series of questions and prompts, including the cost of the rental.The service is free, though there’s a $5 surcharge.If you’re looking […]

  • How to Move to Bali in Bangalore, Karnataka

    Bali is a vibrant, vibrant city in southern India.Located in the heart of Karnataka state, the city is a popular destination for tourists, students, expats and expats alike.But there are few places in India where you can move in and live like Bali does.Bali has been the subject of a huge amount of interest and […]

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