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  • How to be more attractive to your Tinder date

    A new study has shown that men are attracted to attractive women on Tinder even when they are unemployed and even if they are single.According to the research, women are attracted when they can relate to the man’s personality, have a good job and be interested in her hobbies.The study was carried out by ASEAN […]

  • How to make Bali, the Indonesian Airbnb’s AirBnb of Death

    If you love AirBnbs, you’ll love Bali.Bali is a Thai coffee-and-chipsafe that’s been making waves on AirBNB for some time now, and it’s not for the faint of heart.It comes with a 10-minute “kitchen tour,” where you’ll be shown the basics of making the dish—the recipe and ingredients, and the way it can be made.And […]

  • What’s on the golf course for India’s men

    Bali hain golf, bali underpads, balis on a golf course and even bali blind, are some of the things that the players in the India squad are working on during their time at the International Club, a special training facility set up at the Parramatta Oval.The squad is in a unique position to work out […]

  • Bali’s new pictures are a welcome sight, says owner

    NEW DELHI: Bali, a brand new indoor dog shop in the heart of a new city, has become a popular spot in the bustling, bustling Kolkata area.A small shop with a big personality, Bali is located on the banks of the river Balarai, in the southern suburb of Udaipur, and is run by a single […]

  • How the Philippines has been on edge as China intensifies its military buildup

    In an interview with CNN Philippines, retired Lieutenant General (retd) John D’Aleo, who commanded the US Pacific Command in the 1990s, said that he thinks China has been increasing its military presence in the South China Sea to counter what he calls a U.S. “pivot to Asia.”He said that while China has a legitimate interest […]

  • How Bali Bali became a Mecca for the world’s best kratom farmers

    Bali, Indonesia, is home to one of the world.It is also where, according to some, kratom is king.A new breed of herbal medicine is sweeping the country, but it is not kratom itself that is attracting attention.Rather, it is the growing number of local farmers and their businesses that have turned Bali into a major […]

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